The following list of resources present various productivity articles and sites I’ve come across in the time since writing Creating Flow with OmniFocus. While it would be impossible for anyone to accommodate, let alone agree with, everything others have written, it is often very helpful to examine, consider, and weigh other opinions in the process of developing our own systems for work.

I am certain to have missed several posts and writers in the community. Please do contact me if you know of a post or author or are one yourself and would like to be listed.

Where Do I Start?

Probably the best place to begin is not with a tool but with understanding a methodology of work. Examples include:

Here are some nice GTD overviews:

I do not believe that any particular system is better than another and comparing them is basically an apples to oranges ordeal. We can always learn from any particular method and adapt them to our own needs.

GTD often comes under fire for being developed in the time of pen and paper, but this entirely misses the point that it is an attempt to develop a trusted system using a compass of a clear mind, however one decides to do so.

While it can be very alluring to think that a tool will do all the work for us, we need to be able to know what we are doing with the tool. Much of Creating Flow with OmniFocus is precisely the development of a workflow, comprised of my own interpretation of GTD, creativity, and psychoanalytic training, alongside a gradual learning of the Omnifocus progam.

Free Resources: Beginning Screencasts And Overview

Beyond the understanding of a program, there are some nicely designed screencasts and articles to consider:

The Omni Group has put together a site for some advanced user approaches to OmniFocus at Inside OmniFocus.

They also have their excellent forum.

Paid Resources

There are several paid resources to consider:

In addition, there are many other posts and writings about OmniFocus throughout the Internet.

A Few Of My Own Posts

Original Posts

The book and website began as a comment to a post, then a post at Musings, then a series of posts, and eventually a book. The series of posts are consolidated here at

Posts on General Technique

Posts on Integrating with other Programs

GTD, OmniFocus, and Pomodoro series

Resources by Contributor

Resources by Topic

Resources by Contributor


A multitude of productivity podasts and productivity gurus including:

Academic Workflows on the Mac

Robert Agcaoli’s Gridwriter

David Allen’s Getting Things Done and DavidCo.


Shawn Blanc

Dan Byler

Sven Fechner’s Simplicity is Bliss



Tyler Hall

Aaron Hockley

Brett Kelly’s Nerdgap


Rob Malanowski

Merlin Mann

Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online

Ian McCracken’s Conscision and Concinnity

Brandon Pittman

Purple Zen Goat

Michael Schechter’s A Better Mess

Eddie Smith’s Practically Efficient

David Sparks –

Main screencast series


Other Sites around the web

Resources by topic

General productivity & Getting Things Done

General OmniFocus Use

OmniFocus and other programs



Any sites to add?