Join me at Learn OmniFocus on Wednesday, November 28th at 9 am PST, where I’ll be talking about my use of OmniFocus.

If you’re a member of Learn OmniFocus, you can sign up here. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the recording is made available to the public sometime after.

Learn OmniFocus is an excellent resource for learning how to use OmniFocus.  Tim Stringer has put together a series of videos to go through the ins and outs of OmniFocus. He also has guests across the Interwebs discuss their use of OmniFocus. Since OmniFocus is such a versatile instrument, it’s definitely worth checking out how others use it.

And just to re-iterate:

Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3 is now available! If you’re looking to take your productivity skills to the next level, check it out.