Pittman’s OmniFocus script library

OmniFocus handles scripting and allows some pretty neat additional functionality. Brandon Pittman has done quite a bit of work here adapting some of the ideas from Creating Flow with OmniFocus. Check out his library here and here.

Also, I dig his game list. I’m still trying to get to Deus Ex, too. … dang limits of time.

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My Current OmniFocus Dashboard “Recipe”

My workflow has, in general, shifted towards a session-focused style, as is evident from my recent post.  Essentially, that just means that my dashboard of tasks number only a few (about 5-8, give or take) and each represents a session of work. They are not very...

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Stats reports for OmniFocus

OmniFocus is very much an app about doing.  It’s not designed with graphical reporting in mind.  Here’s a neat app, though, put together by Thomas Schoffelen, that shows a list of open tasks, and completed tasks from the last 7 days, last 3 months, and...

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A Principle of Completable Lists

We can have any number of types of task lists, be they a perspective, a context, or a project. Some lists stick around: the daily list, phone calls to make, things to file, agenda items, and more. They fill up, we clear them, and they fill up again. Two questions we...

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Being Deliberate with Task Wording

How we word our tasks can make a significant difference in how we approach them. For example, several rules of thumb may be: Start with a verb Maintain both simplicity and clarity when possible Act as though you are delegating the task to someone else. (In fact, you...

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Grouping Tasks by Session

Useful Lists We can easily be overwhelmed by looking at even a realistic list of things we’d like to do today. This is particularly the case if there are many small tasks. A good list is one we can easily review in a short period of time so that we can make a...

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OmniFocus – Dark Mode & Sync

The Omni Group is re-introducing styling to OmniFocus with the latest test builds: To check it out, go to the styling tab in preferences (Command-,): You can also adjust font. I’m pretty happy with the Proxima Nova font, but I’ve posed Georgia above. More...

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Hi Folks, I’ve been updating the mailing system, transferring the list to a new service.  I seemed to have accidentally tripped a welcome letter I had made in the import process. Please ignore that. I do apologize and have no intention of sending email for no...

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