Search OmniFocus directly from Alfred – from Rhyd Lewis

Last week, I posted about one means of searching OmniFocus using a global shortcut and Keyboard Maestro.

Here’s another option for searching OmniFocus from outside of the program, this time using Alfred. (Hat tip to Joel Anderson for the tweet). It looks like Lewis has actually made some updates to the workflows available since writing the post. Here is a listing of the possible search methods you could do using Alfred:


  • .s – “Search OmniFocus”
  • .sa – “Search OmniFocus for active tasks only”
  • .g – “Search OmniFocus for flagged tasks only”
  • .ga – “Search OmniFocus for flagged active tasks only”
  • .p – “Search OmniFocus for Projects”
  • .pa – “Search OmniFocus for active Projects”
  • .lc – “List all OmniFocus Contexts”
  • .c – “Search OmniFocus for Contexts”
  • .i – “Search OmniFocus Inbox”
  • .v – “Search OmniFocus for Perspectives”
  • .lv – “List all OmniFocus Perspectives”
  • .f – “Search OmniFocus for Folders”
  • .lf – “List all OmniFocus Folders”

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